AdWords Mistakes That Cost You Money

Increasingly, we take over Google AdWords accounts that our clients have set up for themselves and subsequently found the system more difficult to make pay than they had expected. Google AdWords makes me think of the phrase ‘A minute to learn, a lifetime to master’ which was on the box of the Othello board game which I used to play as a child. Google have done an excellent job of making the AdWords setup process easy to use, so that clients can get an account set up (and start giving Google money!) in less than five minutes. The trouble is that many of them are not quite sure what to do next. I asked our AdWords whizz James about the mistakes he sees time and again in the self-managed accounts that we take over:

  • Keywords which are too general – advertising on a single word such as ‘hotel’ or, even more bizarrely, an adjective such as ‘quality’ – it’s highly unlikely that someone who’s searching for the word ‘quality’ on its own is going to buy your quality handmade jigsaws. Be realistic about the phrases that are likely to bring buyers to your website.
  • Only one Ad Group – A lot of inexperienced AdWords users will select a number of keywords on a range of topics and put them all in one Ad Group. Keywords should be arranged into groups according to logical themes – different Ad Groups for different products, for example.
  • Ads pointing to the home page – Instead of to a relevant landing page
  • No negative keywords used – Negative keywords stop your ads showing for irrelevant phrases, saving you money and improving your clickthrough rate
  • No awareness of the Quality Score – We could write a whole separate article about Quality Score. In a nutshell, good Quality Scores enable you to buy clicks at the best possible price. If you use AdWords and don’t know about the Quality Score, you should! Ads that don’t include the target keywords – By including your target keywords in your ads you could raise your clickthrough rate and your Quality Score (see above!)

If you’re looking to improve the return on investment from your AdWords account, we can help – contact us for more details.

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