The Science of Conversion

You’ve probably never noticed, but at Ascendancy we call ourselves a ‘Website optimisation company’ as opposed to a ‘Search engine optimisation company’. The difference is that we recognise that for clients’ websites to succeed, you don’t just need to get traffic to a site – you need to convert it into actual sales or enquiries. You usually can’t just ‘bolt on’ search engine optimisation to a website without making significant changes to the site itself – whether that be structure, content or other changes to improve the traffic and conversion rate of the site. Much of what we do in terms of improving clients’ conversion rates (your conversion rate is the percentage of traffic that you convert into sales or enquiries) is the result of split testing – trying different options and measuring the results – because every client’s site is different and results are not always predictable. However, there are a few well known tips and tricks of the trade that you could use on your site today:

1. Cut down the number of boxes on your enquiry form.

Do you really need to ask your potential clients for their fax number? Many businesses suffer from bloated website contact forms – remember, it’s better to have the potential client’s basic details and the ability to contact them for more than not to have their details at all! You may be surprised at quite how much difference a simpler form makes to your enquiry rates.

2. Include a quick contact form on every page

A quick enquiry form in the sidebar of your page, for example, could as much as double your conversion rate – we’ve seen it happen many times! Why not try it on your site?

3. Get visitors to trust you

Would you give your details to a website that looked ever-so-slightly shady? Use testimonials, accreditations, client logos – whatever’s appropriate to show visitors you are an established, trustworthy business.

4. Keep it simple

There are only so many messages a visitor can take in! On any given page, know what messages you want to convey to the visitor and know what you want them to do next. Make sure these messages and actions are the most prominent things on the page and minimise distractions – don’t try to do too much and cram too many messages all into one page.

5. Choose images wisely

If possible, avoid the usual stock photos (man and woman in suits shake hands, pretty young woman with headset on, yadda yadda) and choose effective images that make your business and services seem REAL. Running a training course? Show actual pictures of your course taking place. Writing a piece about a client you’ve helped? Why not get a photo of the actual client using the product or service – if they’re happy to do that. Got any conversion rate tips to share? Why not add your own thoughts below by making a comment…

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