WordPress 3.5 – New Features

Those following the progress of our favourite content management system/blogging platform, WordPress, will no doubt be eagerly anticipating the release of version 3.5. The finished version is scheduled to be unleashed on the internet on December 5th 2012, but we’ve got our hands on it early! We’ve been having a play with the beta version, and can give you a sneaky peek at some of the enhancements that are coming in this release.

Improved Media Uploading

The new media uploader allows you to upload images much more easily than before. The ‘Insert into post’ button has been moved to a more prominent location, and the number of fields a user is presented with (Title, Alternate text, Caption and Description) have been simplified down to one field. Our first impressions of the new layout are good – it’s clearer and easier to use than the old system, however, the ‘Insert into post’ button could do with being labelled ‘Insert into page’ on Pages to make the image insertion process clearer for novice users.

Multiple Image Galleries Per Page/Post

A long-overdue feature – you can now have more than one unique image gallery on a page or post. You will also be able to exclude certain images from appearing within a gallery. Many of our clients have asked for this functionality in the past, and it’s great to finally have it as a core feature.

Link Manager – Now you see it, now you don’t

The ‘Links’ option has been removed from the Dashboard – this option was primarily used to manage links that appeared in the ‘Blogroll’ widget. In recent years WordPress has become more and more well-known as a fully-fledged CMS rather than a blogging tool, as a result, not many people were making use of this feature. It has now been relegated to an optional plug-in.

‘Privacy’ Menu removed

The option to ‘Block’ search engines was the only setting under the Privacy section, this has now been moved to the ‘Reading’ section and renamed ‘Discourage’.

Twenty Twelve theme

Twenty Twelve belatedly replaces Twenty Eleven as the default theme – Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten are also included in 3.5. We’ll be testing WordPress 3.5 further once the final version has been released, and rolling it out to clients in the new year. If you want to grab a copy of the beta, head over to the WordPress.org – as ever with experimental software, don’t install it on a live website! If you’re looking for a new WordPress website or help with your existing WordPress website, why not get in touch? Call us on 01952 462845 or drop us an email.

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