Shrewsbury v Telford – Day Four – Travel

This is part four of a series of blogs about how we can use keyword research to see the differences between the people of Shrewsbury and Telford. Start here if you haven’t read the intro and go here to read about our methodology, if you like that kind of thing.

Travel in Telford v Travel in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury people appear to be slightly more inclined to search for car-related phrases than Telford people (7% of searches in Shrewsbury and 6% in Telford) while the reverse is true of public transport related searches (2% in Telford versus 1% in Shrewsbury). Breaking down the car-related phrases further, it seems that drivers in Shrewsbury are substantially more likely than Telford drivers to be looking to change their car – a whopping 89% of car-related searches in Shrewsbury relate to searching for a car dealer. Some of these are dealers in new cars and some in used cars – we didn’t try to differentiate between them, and of course car dealer searches could also relate to servicing as well as purchasing a new vehicle. In Telford people seem to be more likely to want to hire a car (11% of car related searches in Telford versus 4% in Shrewsbury), and to repair their existing car (9% of Telford car searches, 3% or Shrewsbury car searches).

Returning to public transport, if we look at the breakdown of the different phrases we can again see a difference between Telford and Shrewsbury: in Telford people are more likely to search for bus related phrases and in Shrewsbury, for a taxi. This ties in nicely with the findings on day one where we found that Shrewsbury people appeared to search more often for phrases related to nightlife than in Telford.

So, what do you think? Why not share your thoughts with us by adding a comment! Tomorrow we’ll be looking at public services in Telford versus public services in Shrewsbury. Which services are used more and where?

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