Shrewsbury v Telford – Day One – Leisure

This is part one of a series of blogs about how we can use keyword research to see the differences between the people of Shrewsbury and Telford. Start here if you haven’t read the intro and go here to read about our methodology, if you like that kind of thing.

Leisure in Telford v Leisure in Shrewsbury

In both Telford and Shrewsbury, leisure related searches make up the biggest proportion of Google searches. In Shrewsbury leisure accounts for 24% of searches while in Telford the figure is 18%. So do the people of Shrewsbury have more fun…? It all depends on what you call fun! If you’re looking for fun family days out, Telford is the place to be, whereas Shrewsbury activities are mainly based around nights out.

Do Telford or Shrewsbury people have more fun? Tell us what you think by adding a comment! And tomorrow we’ll be looking at sport in Telford versus sport in Shrewsbury. Who’s sportier, and which sports are more popular where?

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