Shrewsbury v Telford – Day Seven – All The Rest!

This is the seventh and final part of a series of blogs demonstrating how we can use keyword research to see the differences between the people of Shrewsbury and Telford. Start here if you haven’t read the intro and go here to read about our methodology, if you like that kind of thing.

The final chapter in our Telford v Shrewsbury Google Showdown!

It’s our final day comparing the two towns through Google search terms – and it’s going to be a big one! Here we look at the other categories that we haven’t been able to cover in the first six days:

Shopping in Telford v Shopping in Shrewsbury

  • Shopping appears to be a bigger preoccupation for the people of Telford – 7% of the top searches – compared to Shrewsbury where the figure was 4%.
  • The shop which appears highest up our table of search terms is Charlies in Shrewsbury, and in Telford, Primark.

Property in Telford v Property in Shrewsbury

  • In Telford, 4% of the top search phrases related to property – estate agents, for example – and in Shrewsbury the figure was 3%.
  • The estate agency which appears highest up our table of search terms is Halls in Shrewsbury, and in Telford, DB Roberts.

Weather in Telford v Weather in Shrewsbury

  • Who’s more concerned about the weather? Apparently it’s us Telford folk (6%) – the figure is 4% in Shrewsbury.

Media in Telford v Media in Shrewsbury

  • There are more radio-related searches in Telford…
  • and more newspaper-related searches in Shrewsbury.

Food in Telford v Food in Shrewsbury

The category ‘food’ covers both eating out and takeaways – in Shrewsbury all of the top food-related searches were related to eating out, while in Telford the split is 81% eating out / 19% takeaway. It’s probably the case that people already know where most of their local takeaways are, so don’t need to search for them, explaining why the takeaway figure is so low in both cases.

Health & Wellbeing in Telford v Health & Wellbeing in Shrewsbury

This category includes gyms (slightly more searches in Telford than in Shrewsbury), massage (considerably more popular in Telford), private healthcare (a lot more popular in Shrewsbury) and hairdressing (slightly more searches in Telford).

Business Services

The only two business services to crop up in the top search terms for the two towns were:

  • solicitors (more frequently searched for in Telford) and
  • web design (more searches in Shrewsbury).


This includes people searching for a map of the town, the postcode of the town and searching for ‘Where is + town’.

  • Within the Telford searches, 40% were for a map, 27% were for the postcode and 33% were for ‘Where is Telford’.
  • In Shrewsbury, more people seem to be needing a map (61% of geographical searches), fewer need the postcode (22%), and more people seem to know where it is – only 18% of geographical searches were for ‘Where is Shrewsbury’.


There were so few searches for the history of the two towns that we didn’t subcategorise these searches – what few searches there were for history, were all for Shrewsbury and none for Telford – not surprising given that Telford is a new town!

House & Garden

We subcategorised house & garden into ‘garden’ (including searches for gardening services but also garden centres, products etc), furniture (searches for furniture shops etc), appliances / technology and building / maintenance related phrases.

  • In Telford the split was 69% garden / 31% building & maintenance
  • In Shrewsbury there was a broader range of subcategories – 33% garden, 43% furniture, 17% appliances & technology, 6% building & maintenance.

The numbers involved in this category, however, are very small so it may be that we can’t read much into the differences between the two towns here.


The only charity that came up in the top 250 search terms – in both cases – was the RSPCA. ‘RSPCA Shrewsbury’ had 260 searches in a month, ‘RSPCA Telford’ had 91 searches.


The differences observed in the top 250 Google search terms for each town do appear to be significant in some cases – sometimes the reason for this is obvious with a bit of local knowledge, sometimes the reasons are more obscure – we’d love your feedback on what you think of the differences! Please do add a comment below to add your interpretation of the data. To finish up, here is the breakdown of the top 250 search terms by category in each location to give you an overall summary:

Why go to all this trouble to show you the differences between Telford and Shrewsbury?

We think that businesses – and other organisations – are often ignoring a powerful source of data that is available to them to find out about their target market and the different things that they can search for. At Ascendancy, we use keyword data to plan websites (making sure that the structure of the site reflects what people are searching for), optimise the content of websites (making sure that the content of the site reflects what people are searching for), and indeed to decide whether or not there is even a market for what clients are offering online. We believe that businesses should be making much greater use of this information to inform their online (and indeed offline) marketing strategy, and this series of blogs has been designed to illustrate the power and breadth of the available data. If you think we might be able to help you then we’d be delighted if you got in touch. Call Helen on 01952 462845 or email [email protected].

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