Shrewsbury v Telford – Day Six – Places To Stay

This is part six of a series of blogs about how we can use keyword research to see the differences between the people of Shrewsbury and Telford. Start here if you haven’t read the intro and go here to read about our methodology, if you like that kind of thing.

Places to Stay in Telford v Places to Stay in Shrewsbury

Around 8% of the search phrases which include the word ‘Telford’ are related to accommodation, while in Shrewsbury the figure stands at 6%. Many of these searches relate to specific hotels and other places to stay, so not all the searches will be accommodation related – some of them could be interested in the hotel restaurant, meeting room facilities or wedding ceremonies. However, we can’t separate these so they all fall under ‘places to stay’ in our list of categories. So – slightly more searches for accommodation in Telford when compared to Shrewsbury – but are there also differences in the accommodation type? We split the Places to Stay category into ‘B&B’, ‘Hotel’ and ‘Non specific’ as these were the only three types of phrase that cropped up in our data. And the findings are interesting once again:

Telford v Shrewsbury - Places to Stay

Telford v Shrewsbury – Places to Stay

It would appear that when visiting Shrewsbury more visitors will consider alternative forms of accommodation rather than hotels – while in Telford hotels are even more dominant. Interested to know what the most searched for hotels are in each town? In Shrewsbury, it’s the Lion Hotel and in Telford, it’s a close run thing between Grays Hotel, the International Hotel and the Whitehouse Hotel – with the Whitehouse perhaps just nosing slightly ahead. Tomorrow is the last day of our seven day Google showdown between the towns of Telford and Shrewsbury – and it should be a good one, as we’re covering all the other topics not covered in the first six days! That’s Shopping, Property, Weather, Media, Food, Health & Wellbeing, Business Services, Geography, History, House & Garden, Charity and of course – how could we forget – ‘Other’!

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