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Recently, we’ve had quite a few questions from clients about Google Authorship – specifically how to go about setting it up. For the uninitiated, Google Authorship markup is a bit of code that links the content on your website (articles or pages you have written) with your Google+ profile. The result of this is that your Google+ profile picture and a link to your Google+ profile appear next to content you’ve published in Google’s search results.In the example above, I’ve searched for ‘compare energy’. With lots of people trying to get a better deal on their utilities at the moment, this is quite a competitive search term. Out of the two results, which drew your attention more? Hopefully the former, rather than the latter. It’s certainly more eye catching 🙂

Implementing Authorship Mark-up

This will depend on the how your website is set-up. For WordPress websites, we recommend installing the fantastic WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin if you haven’t done so already. Once you’ve installed this plugin, you can add a link to your Google+ profile in your WordPress profile:Once you’ve added the URL of your Google+ profile to your WordPress profile, log into Google+ and edit your profile. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you have set a profile picture. Look for the Links section of your profile and add the name and URL of the website you want to link under the Contributor to section.

That’s it! It may take a little while for the change to kick in, but from now on your Google+ profile picture should start to appear next to posts/pages that have been published by yourself in WordPress.

Other authors on your WordPress site will need to repeat the above process within their WordPress profile to have their Google+ profile picture displayed alongside their posts/pages.

But I don’t use WordPress!

Other content management systems have their own plugins and modules – have a look online and see if you can find an appropriate one, or ask your web developer for advice.

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