Shropshire’s Top 100 Searches

What phrases do people search for on Google containing the word Shropshire? We decided to find out… here are the top 100 search phrases* according to the Google Keyword Planner:

KeywordAvg. Monthly Searches
shropshire star201000
shropshire council18100
shropshire star news8100
shropshire star jobs8100
shropshire homepoint5400
shropshire planning4400
shropshire council jobs3600
shropshire council planning2900
shropshire news2900
shropshire fire and rescue2900
shropshire star deaths2900
shropshire county council1600
shropshire petals1300
the shropshire star1300
shropshire weather1300
shropshire hills1300
shropshire jobs1000
shropshire building supplies1000
shropshire homes1000
a shropshire lad1000
shropshire radio880
shropshire libraries880
shropshire wildlife trust880
shropshire community health nhs trust880
shropshire live880
shropshire school holidays880
shropshire fa880
shropshire map880
shropshire union canal720
shropshire star obituaries720
shropshire fire and rescue incidents720
shropshire council tax720
shropshire tourism590
shropshire mud run480
shropshire lad480
shropshire council my view480
shropshire ccg480
shropshire travel390
shropshire planning applications390
shropshire housing group390
shropshire hotels390
shropshire lettings390
shropshire cottages390
shropshire star death notices390
shropshire blue390
shropshire hills discovery centre390
shropshire hills aonb390
shropshire holiday cottages390
shropshire aero club390
north shropshire pony club390
shropshire learning gateway390
shropshire gov390
shropshire gas390
shropshire golf centre320
shropshire star newspaper320
shropshire design320
shropshire shufflers320
shropshire sheep320
the shropshire golf club320
shropshire county cricket league320
shropshire police320
shropshire canal320
shropshire walks320
shropshire postcode260
shropshire events260
shropshire union canal map260
shropshire way260
shropshire magazine260
shropshire library210
shropshire star archives210
shropshire term dates210
shropshire music service210
shropshire towns210
bbc shropshire news210
shropshire my view210
shropshire yfc210
shropshire lad rose170
shropshire traffic170
shropshire weather forecast140
shropshire newspapers140
shropshire bmd140
shropshire uk140
shropshire social services140
shropshire partners in care140
shropshire county training140
a shropshire lad rose140
shropshire towns and rural housing140
shropshire council planning portal110
shropshire fire and rescue service/incidents110
shropshire housing association110
shropshire property for sale110
shropshire rcc110
shropshire things to do110
shropshire county pension fund110
shropshire gundogs110
shropshire blue cheese110
shropshire road sweepers90

*We should add that this list isn’t necessarily comprehensive – the Keyword Planner doesn’t necessarily give you ALL the keywords with the word Shropshire in them. Also, we removed some keywords from the list where ‘Shropshire’ was used as a surname instead of a place name. If you know of a phrase that ought to be in the list but isn’t, let us know.

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