25 Google Search Phrases That Would Shock Santa

Santa Shocked Working in the weird and wonderful world of Google is sometimes an eye opener! While managing our clients’ search engine marketing campaigns we stumble across some interesting phrases that people search for online. We’ve collected together our 25 funniest Google search phrases of 2015 for your festive entertainment. Look away now if you’re faint of heart! Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments. 1. can you drink vinegar to lose weight 2. can you put a marquee in an orchard 3. does eating 3 bananas a day help you lose weight 4. does toast make you lose weight 5. dog incontinence nappies 6. donate testicle for money 2015 7. female urologist skinned penis 8. for a limited time im offering one on one local seo coaching where i will guarantee top google ranking 9. funny church signs maker 10. get me help 11. home sperm freezing kit uk 12. how can i control yeast in my genitals 13. is their any medication i can get to stop me wanting to wee during the night 14. lose weight slippers 15. my garage floor is crumbling 16. oxygen can hangover cure 17. please help me i need a herbal remedy to cure my herpes 18. simple human soap pump 19. too important to need coaching 20. tummy tuck knickers 21. vinyl dolls not more than a fiver 22. water that helps lose weight 23. whats up in london these days 24. which paint medium is good for yoga mats 25. would a fire surround look ok in flat

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