Your AdWords Opportunities Explained

Where can Google AdWords ads appear?

Everyone knows that Google AdWords ads appear on Google. But in our experience, not all clients are aware quite how many other opportunities are available to them beyond Google, via the AdWords platform. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the options open to you when you advertise on Google AdWords:

Search Advertising

This is the most common form of advertising in use. They are text ads which appear on Google and on Google’s partner search engines like Users are targeted by the search term they have entered. This type of advertising is excellent for driving qualified traffic to your site, or for building awareness.

Display Advertising

Probably the second most common form of Google Ad, these can be either text or graphical ads (images, videos, GIFs), and they appear across the content network (any site which hosts AdSense ads). User targeting gets more complex here, and it can be done in a number of ways: by keywords, site topics, demographics, domains, user interests or remarketing (see next point). These targeting options can be used in combination with each other, or on their own. This type of advertising is excellent for building brand awareness.


This is where you show ads specifically to users who have previously visited your site. This can encompass search advertising and/or display advertising. You may have noticed that after you view a product on Amazon or eBay for example, you start to see ads for the products which you viewed when you are browsing other websites – this is remarketing in action. It’s excellent for generating re-engagement with your site, and assisted conversions.


This is for e-commerce stores, and promotes their products with images and prices on the Google search results as well as the shopping tab of Google. Users are not targeted directly, as instead Google decides if a user’s search is relevant to your product. Shopping ads can often be a cost effective form of advertising for ecommerce stores, with the advantage that the user has seen what the product looks like before they click on it – hopefully reducing wasted clicks.

App Campaigns

These campaigns promote your app on the Google Play store, and across Search, Display & YouTube. Targeting of users is done through keywords, topics, demographics, user interests or remarketing.

YouTube Advertising

There are 3 forms of YouTube advertising to consider: Video advertising, which promotes one of your videos across the YouTube website, at the top of YouTube search results, at the beginning of other videos as a skippable ad & on the right hand side of the page under suggested related videos. Users are targeted by keywords, site topics, demographics, user interests or remarketing. Static text ads, which can be video overlay ads that appear at the bottom of videos with a link to your site, or as normal text ads on the right hand side of the YouTube search results page. Depending on the type of ad, these can be targeted by keywords, site topics, demographics, user interests or remarketing. Homepage advertising: while it is possible to get an ad on the YouTube home page, it cannot be done from within AdWords, it is done in a separate system and is on a Cost per Day basis. One for advertisers with deeper pockets!

Gmail Advertising

This is the latest advertising option within AdWords, and it allows you to place email-like ads on the promotions tab within Gmail. Users can be targeted by keywords in their emails, demographics & domains in their emails. This is particularly interesting to clients who want to target users who’ve received emails from their competitors!

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