Under-Used Analytics Features 4: Multi Channel Funnels

This is the fourth post in a series about under-used Google Analytics features. Under-used by whom? Not by us – these are features that we use all the time, and find invaluable in analysing our clients’ data. But we find that the majority of clients are unaware of them or unsure how to use them – hence the need for this series!

What are Multi Channel Funnels?

In Analytics, conversions are normally attributed to the last campaign, search or ad that sent the visitor to your website. So if a visitor had found your site first from an email marketing campaign, then came back later via LinkedIn, and lastly came direct to your site by typing in the web address, then made an enquiry through your contact form, the enquiry would be credited as being from Direct traffic. Multi Channel Funnels shows you how different channels interact and influence users as they repeatedly visit your site before making an enquiry. It can help you get a better idea of the true value of your marketing efforts.

Where do I see these Multi Channel Funnels in Analytics?

Multi Channel Funnels are almost the very last item on the left hand navigation bar in Google Analytics:

How do Multi Channel Funnels help me understand the true value of my digital marketing efforts?

You can see how different channels work together to generate enquiries:

And the different paths they took through the various channels leading up to the enquiry:

This helps you to understand which other marketing channels influenced your purchaser along their journey to becoming a customer.

I’d like to know more about Multi Channel Funnels! Where can I read more?

Google’s own Support files give you lots of information about Multi Channel Funnels. I’d suggest starting with their general support article on Multi Channel Funnels here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1191180?hl=en Enjoy!

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