How do you find out what your AdWords Quality Scores are?

Quality Score is a fundamental concept of Google AdWords.

For the uninitiated, each keyword in your account gets given a Quality Score which is a mark out of 10. If you get a high Quality Score, you can potentially rank higher up the page for a lower cost.

This is because ads aren’t purely ranked by how much each advertiser is bidding – that’s only half of the equation. Google wants advertisers to provide good experiences to their users, so they reward good quality work by factoring this into the way that ads are ranked.

How do you know what your Quality Scores are? You need to add an additional column when you’re inside your AdWords account, like this:


Make sure you’re on the ‘Keywords’ tab as shown above.

Then go to the ‘Columns’ drop down, and pick Modify Columns > Attributes > Qual.Score. Click the little arrow next to it, and then hit ‘Apply’.


You should now see the extra column of data as shown in the screenshot below.


See the little bubble next to ‘Eligible’ in the screenshot? If you hover over it, it’ll give you some further insight into why your Quality Score isn’t as good as it should be. In this particular account shown in the screenshots, the reason the keyword only had 6 out of 10 was down to the relevance of the keyword to the ad. The solution was to split down the ad group in question into a set of more refined ad groups, where the ad used the same terminology as the keywords in each case.

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