Why you need to change to HTTPS – and fast

If you’re a client of Ascendancy, you’ll probably already have heard us promoting the benefits of switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS. This is done by buying an SSL certificate and implementing it on your website, changing all of your URLs.

In a nutshell, the key benefit is that if your site is HTTPS is that it secures the transmission of sensitive information on the web, such as credit card information and sensitive personal details.

Clearly this is a good thing to do – but lots of people haven’t got round to it or haven’t wanted to pay for it. Google are increasingly putting pressure on business owners to make the move – first they marked websites which are HTTPS as ‘secure’ in the corner of their Chrome browser, and announced that these businesses would get a boost in their search engine rankings.

Their latest move – and we think they will go further in due course – is that from the start of October, they are planning to give users a warning that says “NOT SECURE” when users enter text into a form on an HTTP page. Mozilla have also recently implemented a similar warning message in their Firefox browser.

We are expecting clients who generate enquiries through a contact form on a HTTP site to experience their enquiries dropping off from October onwards.

If you’re an Ascendancy client, this issue can be simply solved by upgrading your hosting package with us to our Standard package or above. If your website hosting is provided by another agency, we would encourage you to contact them urgently and migrate to SSL before the 1st October if possible.

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