Questions to Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Are you thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency to help market your business online?

Here are some examples of questions that you should ask when enquiring with each agency. These will hopefully help you to bust through the marketing jargon and help you find the right digital marketing agency for your business.

‘What does your agency specialise in?’

This is a good question to ask, as you may visit an agency that market themselves as a full-service marketing agency, yet after asking questions like this and seeing their portfolio of work, you may find that they have more experience in particular areas such as creative design or PR.

‘Are you a Google Partner?’

If you’re looking for an agency to set up and/or manage a Google AdWords campaign for you, this is an important question to ask.

Being a Google Partner means that an agency has met a number of requirements needed to achieve Google Partner status – such as demonstrating experience and skills in Google AdWords, achieving a certain threshold of Google ad spend, delivering company, agency and client revenue growth, and sustaining or increasing the number of clients within their AdWords master account.

There are two tiers of Google Partner status – firstly there is the Google Partner badge, then the Premier Partner badge, where further requirements have to be met in order to gain and maintain this status.

You’ll notice our Premier Google Premier Partner badge in our website footer.

‘What Digital Marketing experience do your team members have?’

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know how much experience your account manager and the digital marketing team have.

When hiring an agency to manage a digital marketing campaign, you benefit from the skills and experience of the whole team rather than just one person, so it is good to ask what resources will be available to you.

‘Here are our goals, how will you measure and track the success of my campaign?’

Laying out what you would like to achieve within a certain timescale will allow your agency to a) advise on whether your goals can be achieved within a certain timescale, and b) propose the best marketing channels to use, along with the best methods of measuring and tracking the success of your campaign.

‘Are you transparent about the amount of work that will be carried out?’

It is important that your agency updates you on the activity being carried out every month, so that they can justify their management fee.

When asked, the agency should be open about the amount of time being spent on specified tasks.

‘How will you make sure that your digital marketing methods fit in with the rest of my marketing strategy?’

It is important that your digital marketing strategy is integrated into your overall marketing strategy, so all of your marketing channels are singing from the same hymn sheet.

During our initial meeting with a client, we will ask about their overall marketing strategy, the channels that they currently use and whether they have a set marketing plan.

If the client has a marketing plan including set areas of focus, we will always work our digital marketing strategy into this plan, where appropriate.

At Ascendancy, we are very much a no-nonsense, no-jargon agency and we pride ourselves on telling it like it is. We would never sugarcoat the potential outcome of a digital marketing project if we thought your goals couldn’t be achieved within your timescale and with a certain method of digital marketing.

However, we would instead advise you on an alternate digital marketing strategy that could work better for your business, depending on the nature of the product/s or service that you offer.

For more information about our Digital Marketing services, see our Digital Marketing section. To enquire about a digital marketing campaign, call us for a chat on 01952 462845 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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