The importance of a well optimised shopping feed

Google Shopping ads rely on the information in your product feed to decide which keywords your products should show for. Poor wording or insufficient information could make the difference between a profitable shopping campaign and a non-profitable campaign.

We’ve seen shopping campaigns getting fewer than 10 clicks per month start generating hundreds per month, just by improving the quality of the data feed!

The more detail you provide Google with about your products, the better they can match your products against relevant search terms and display your product ads. This means better results for you, so it’s well worth the effort. With the growing prevalence of AI-based bidding methods, this is becoming increasingly important.

So, what constitutes an optimised shopping feed?

  • Detailed and unique titles
    • Front-load titles with the most important product attributes
    • Make sure significant keywords are present in your titles, but don’t stuff them with keywords
    • Adding gender near the beginning of the product title for apparel/shoes typically increases conversion rates. The gender of many products is not obvious from the image, so up to half of clicks could be wasted.
    • Here are some examples:
CategoryWhat to includeExample
ApparelBrand + Gender + Product type + Attributes (Colour, Size, Style, Material)Ann Taylor Women’s Black Trousers Size 6
Consumable or nutritional goodsBrand + Product type + Attributes (Flavour, Quantity, Weight, Count)TwinLab Super CoQ10, 50 mg, 60 caps
CE or Hard GoodsBrand (manufacturer) + Product type + Attributes (Size, Weight) + Model #Asda, Patio Wicker Chair Set, Brown, 4-Piece
Televisions / ElectronicsBrand (manufacturer) + Attribute +Product + Model # Brand +Product + Attribute + Model #Vizio 52” TV, Black, #A783x63
Seasonal / HolidayOccasion + Product type + Attributes (Colour, Size, Weight)College Grad 2020 Storage Box Gift, Silver
  • Detailed descriptions
    • Your titles and descriptions should be unique, and differentiate each product in your inventory. This helps ensure the right product is shown for specific search queries. You can add variants to your descriptions in order to make them unique.
  • Deep levels of categorisation
    • Use the deepest level ‘Google Product Category’ you can find which is relevant, as well as using a deep level in the custom ‘Product type’ field e.g.
      • The Google Product category: “Office Supplies > Office Instruments > Writing & Drawing Instruments > Pens & Pencils > Pencils > Writing Pencils > Mechanical Pencils”
      • Your ‘Product Type’ value might be: “Stationery > Drawing Tools > Mechanical Pencils > <brand> > <Colour>”
  • Product attributes
    • Include as many optional detailed product attributes in your feed as you can – these include things like; Colour, Size, Gender, Material & Pattern

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