Where should you be advertising in 2020?

Digital Marketing is a field of constant change. In the last few years, social media has changed the way businesses market themselves. New platforms and techniques are always in the works. So, where should you be advertising your business in 2020?


Google Ads is still one of the top platforms that we advise our clients to advertise on. A lot of businesses are advertising on Google, and somebody has to be in the top spot, so it might as well be you!

Why you should be advertising on Google:

  • Massive reach – Any time you want an answer to a question or to find something online, what do you do? Google it.
  • Immediate results – SEO is important, but it can take a while to make a difference, whereas with Google Ads you can start advertising straight away.
  • Maximise your ROI – There are lots of different bidding strategies to help your business meet its advertising goals, whatever they may be.

What significant changes have Google made over the last year?

  • Changes to keyword match types – Google announced in July that phrase match and broad match modifier keywords are now eligible to show for ‘same meaning close variants’, not just plurals and misspellings. This means you need to keep an even closer eye on the actual search terms that Google is matching your ads against!
  • Goodbye average position – As automated bidding is being used by more and more advertisers, Google have decided to no longer show you what position your ads are being shown in on average. While this is an unpopular move with many advertisers, it does make sense to encourage businesses to focus more on KPIs that are actually more important, like enquiries and return on investment.


If you’re anything like me, scrolling through Facebook is likely one of your favourite pastimes when you’ve got nothing better to do. So, as a business, why would you not want to reach these potential customers at every opportunity?

Ever been browsing for something online, only for it to pop up as an advert moments later on Facebook? Well…. we could do this for your business.

Here are our top 3 reasons you should advertise on Facebook:

  • Reach your exact audience – target by age, interests, behaviour and location, for example.
  • Remarketing – Engage your website visitors after they have left the site without purchasing or contacting.
  • More effective than organic posting – Even if you have thousands of followers, they are unlikely to see your content unless it is paid. This is the reality of Facebook nowadays.


Instagram has completely upped its game in the past few years. As well as paying Instagram to advertise in stories and on grids, brands have also started paying ‘influencers’ to promote and sell to their ever growing audiences. But why should you advertise on Instagram?

  • The setup and creation of Instagram ads is done through Facebook, so it couldn’t be easier – you don’t have to learn yet another advertising platform. You can also target your audience based on Facebook data, thanks to the two being connected.
  • Instagram engagement rates tend to be higher than on any other platform, bringing many advertisers a great ROI.


In the current digital world, users are spending more and more time on YouTube, which makes it the perfect place to advertise. There are lots of great reasons to advertise on YouTube:

  • Huge reach – one billion hours are watched on YouTube daily, that’s a lot of ads!
  • There are loads of targeting options including: topic, demographics, keywords, placements and categories, for example.
  • YouTube advertising is run through the Google Ads platform, so like with Instagram and Facebook, you don’t have to learn ‘yet another platform’.
  • Advertising on YouTube can often be done with a very low cost per click, giving you huge coverage for an affordable cost.

More and more companies are moving their marketing budgets online – don’t get left behind!

If you need help with your digital marketing, including social media advertising, call Ascendancy on 01952 462845 or send us a message via our website enquiry form.

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