Online Tips to Help your Business and Customers through COVID-19 (Tip 5)

Tip 5. You may already have some pre-paid support hours left!

If your site is hosted with Ascendancy, remember that we include a number of support hours with every hosting package per annum.

You can use your support time to request:

  • Help to change things on your website that you can’t do yourself
  • Training and support to help you do things on the site yourself, that can be done through WordPress
  • Small changes to content, images and so on if you’re not confident doing them yourself

As a general rule, we don’t include under ‘support’ anything that requires significant amounts of programming work. But if you’re not sure whether what you need is included or not, just ask!

And if you’ve already used all your support hours in the current year, did you know that you can top these up by purchasing ‘blocks of support hours’? By purchasing a number of additional support hours up front, you can get discounts on our normal hourly rates. Or – we can just quote you for specific maintenance jobs if you’d rather ‘pay as you go’.

How do you know how much support time you have left? Just email the web team at [email protected] and they’ll let you know.

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