Getting the Most Out Of Facebook Collection Ads

Collection ads are a perfect way to get your products out there in a dynamic and easy to use way. They can be used in many different ways for different businesses, however, from our experience, this format works best for e-commerce business with a product to sell!


What are collection ads?

Facebook is trying to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a user to get from browsing Facebook to getting to the checkout. All collection ads include an initial image or video followed by four smaller images in a grid.

They’re all about getting to users that are on their mobile – creating a visually appealing fast-loading mob

ile experience.

When users click on the ad, they will be taken to a ‘post-click instant experience’ whilst still being within Facebook or Instagram.

There are various templates that you can use when creating collection ads – some work better or worse depending on what you are advertising and the kind of business that you are.

  • Instant Storefront: magazine-like layout
  • Instant Lookbook: best for e-commerce businesses
  • Instant Customer Acquisition: a mini landing page with a clear CTA
  • Instant Storytelling: Video-Based

Best practice for collection ads

  • Use your best images – these ads need to be appealing in order to succeed, so its no good using images that are ‘okay’!
  • Use remarketing – specifically targeting people who have been to your site means they were already interested, and you’re just giving them a little nudge to make their purchase.
  • Keep testing the ads by using experiments – you can test the images to see which ones work best, as well as the ad copy so you can find what makes people click.
  • Add a URL parameter – This means that you can find out where your traffic is coming from.


How can collection ads improve conversion rates?

Collection ads are generally visually impressive (as long as you have followed best practice and they are designed effectively) and are therefore more likely to get clicks.

If your business is targeting leads, there is also the option to use an instant form template within Facebook. With this template, users don’t need to be sent away from Facebook in order to convert, as your leads can be downloaded directly from Facebook.

It’s been found that users view these ads for longer, so, as well as being more likely to see these ads, people tend to view the whole thing if they are captured by it!

Make sure you’ve set up your product catalogue on Facebook before you try and set up your collection ad. Once you’re all set up and your ad is ready to go… read more about boosting your e-commerce business with Instagram.

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