Do You Know Your Marketing Persona?

Is everyone in your business targeting your marketing at a clearly-defined set of potential customers? Need a clear-cut picture of your target audience? That is where a marketing persona comes into play.

A marketing persona is a detailed description of a key segment of your audience, primarily used for content marketing purposes. These personas are needed to help ensure your company delivers content that will be most relevant to your target audience. It is generally advised that you have several different marketing personas to cover the majority of your target audiences whilst still keeping the targeting really specific.

But why spend the time creating them?…

1. Personas Help Companies Think of Their Audiences As Humans

By humanising your audience, you are developing a greater understanding of who they are, what they value and what they like. This greater understanding stops you from developing your marketing for blank faces and enables you to drill down into greater detail about what will entice people to enquire about, buy or use your service.


2. Ask the Right Questions

Whilst thinking about your marketing persona you will need to ask questions that bring back a lot of detailed information, which will get the company thinking about their audience in the right way. Ask your colleagues questions such as; what are our customers’ job titles, how old are they, and what hobbies do they have? These all help gain a greater understanding of the audience you are trying to market to, by providing in-depth detail into the persona.


3. Make Sure Everyone Is Targeting the same Audience

By creating a marketing persona, you are ensuring that everyone within the marketing department is writing and developing marketing strategies that are tailored to the same audiences – a unified marketing message.


4. Reach Potential Clients and Customers

These personas show you who your audience are and who your potential new customers will be, enabling you to actually reach them with specific marketing messages.


By tailoring your marketing to specific personas, you can bring a relevant and direct message to those people who will be more likely to convert into customers when the marketing message strongly resonates with them.

Top tip: You can make not just one, but several personas, to represent different customer groups.

So, what information will you include in your marketing personas to better target your marketing activities?

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