Covid-19 advertising credits


Facebook announced very early on that the would be making available USD 100M in cash grants and ad credits for small businesses worldwide affected by Covid19.

However, as at the time of writing (May 4th) there were still few details of which UK businesses would be eligible and how much they would receive.

We do know that to qualify you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have between 2 and 50 employees
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19
  • Be in or near a location where Facebook operates

We’re not quite sure what this last one means – Facebook operates everywhere, after all!!

You can register your details on this web page to be kept informed of developments:

Update 5 June 2020: still no news on this for the UK.


Google took a long time to announce their scheme, but they have provided slightly more detail with regard to how the scheme will work.

Their scheme is geared purely towards existing loyal Google Ads customers. To qualify, you should:

  • Be a small or medium-sized businesses
  • Have spent with a Google Ads account in ten out of twelve months of 2019
  • Also have spent in January and/or February of 2020
  • Adhere to Google’s advertising policies.

Their scheme is said to be giving away $340 million in ad credits. This logically seems to mean that individual qualifying businesses will receive much larger grants than through the Facebook scheme – as the Facebook scheme is a smaller sum of money spread not only across existing advertisers but also across all small businesses.

The amount of the grant will, however, be proportional to the amount you have spent on Google Ads. So if you’re a really low spender, there probably won’t be much for you in the kitty!

The good news is that the majority of Ascendancy digital marketing clients will qualify for this scheme (most are long-time Google Ads users), so we are keeping a close eye out for news.

Credits will start appearing in Google Ads accounts from late May onwards, and will be valid until the end of 2020.

The link to the official Google documentation is here:

Update 5 June 2020: One of our clients has had a credit applied to their account. To say we are disappointed in the amount would be a huge understatement. By our calculations, it works out at about one week of average spend in 2019. So really a pretty pathetic sum of money. “Not enough for a night in Brighton”, was the gist of the conversation we had in the virtual Ascendancy office. Really disappointed in Google’s lack of support for their small business customers. Waiting for some more credits to come through, and then we will see if the ‘one week of spend’ calculation holds for those too.