Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics Consultancy

Getting to know your visitors is key to improving your web presence. We provide advanced Google Analytics tracking that goes beyond out-of-the-box functionality, and tells you more about the people visiting your website.

Regional tracking

Ever wondered which countries your search engine traffic comes from? By default, Analytics groups all regional variations of Google into one traffic source. Our plug-in allows you to see a breakdown of visitors from Google searches in 189 regions – useful information if you are targeting a global audience. Bing and Yahoo search engine localities are also supported.

Easily track file downloads

Adding the ability to see how many times files have been downloaded and outbound links clicked with Analytics is usually laborious process, requiring the manual addition of a line of JavaScript to every anchor in your site. We can automate this – invaluable if you operate a large, content-rich site.

Easily track enquiries to email addresses

Automate tracking of mailto links to ensure that email enquiries are logged in Analytics.

Define your own bounce rate

Gain control of your bounce rate by being able to set the bounce timeout in seconds.

Track multiple sites as one

If you have several websites, and want to pull together all your Analytics data into one ‘roll up’ Analytics account, for management reporting or to get an overall view of your internet marketing success, we can help.

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