Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

In 2017, bringing traffic to your website is not often as simple as ‘sticking in a few keywords’ and ‘building a few links’ – if indeed, it ever was.

Digital marketing increasingly requires a multi-disciplinary approach, with a lot of crossover between search engine marketing, social media, PR, website maintenance and more, to bring maximum results.

To respond to this changing marketplace, Ascendancy have developed an Integrated Digital Marketing service, whereby a client can tap into a number of different skills that we can offer them, all within a single campaign.

For example, through running a Google AdWords campaign for a client, we often find some great ideas that could be used in a press release, or for the client’s blog. Having issued a press release and posted a (search engine optimised) blog, those messages could then be reinforced by social media, feed into their email newsletter and so on – creating a virtuous circle of content and driving traffic to the client’s website.

How does this work in practice?

A client commisssions an Integrated Digital Marketing campaign from Ascendancy and this gives them a number of ‘credits’ that can be distributed across our services. We work with the client to decide how best their credits can be used to find the best mix of our services to fulfil their business need. The mix of services can be different from one month to the next, allowing us to respond to business needs.

An example campaign, for a client with 15 credits might be configured as follows in one particular month, but the balance could slightly different the next month – this would be set out in advance in a pre-determined plan:


Want to know more?

To discuss how our new Integrated Digital Marketing service could be of benefit to your business, call 01952 462845 and ask for Helen, or drop in for an in chat.