Shropshire Businesses Urged to Invest in Mobile Friendly Websites

Shropshire businesses have been warned their websites will rank less well on Google internet searches if they don’t take action to make them mobile friendly.

The ‘mobile’ message was a key theme at a Grow Local Workshop hosted by Google experts for county businesses.

Helen Culshaw, managing director of Ascendancy Internet Marketing in Shifnal, helped organise the event for Shropshire businesses in her capacity as a Google Partner. She said: “It was a very worthwhile visit for Shropshire businesses to hear from Google experts about what to expect in 2015.

“The message was very clear and that is businesses will lose out if they do have mobile friendly websites.

“As of April 21 Google will be introducing changes to the way it ranks websites in searches. “It means websites that are not optimized for mobile use will start ranking less well on user searches.

“For many businesses in Shropshire this could have a significant impact on click throughs and potential revenue.

“I would advise all businesses if they haven’t already to look at investing in a mobile friendly website.

“Not having one is virtually the same as handing customers straight to  competitors.”

Businesses attending the Grow Local Workshop were told the changes were being introduced by Google to reflect changing trends in internet usage and the fact that more people are accessing the internet direct from their mobile phone.

“Gone are the days when people have to be sat at a desktop computer to access their favourite website,” said Ms Culshaw.

“According to Google around 63 per cent of people watching television are also surfing the internet at the same time, either on their mobile or on a tablet so that just goes to show how important it is for businesses to be mobile friendly.

“The Grow Local Workshop was really fascinating and I’m so pleased as a Google Partner I was able to take a number of businesses with me to hear direct from the Google experts.”

Warren Harding, from Good2Great, based in Bridgnorth, was among the businesses attending the Grow Local Workshop. He said: “It was great to hear about the latest digital marketing trends and specifically how Google will be favoring those websites which are mobile optimised, making it even more critical to have this feature to remain competitive.”

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