Ascendancy Celebrates Apprentice Completing Their Training

A Shropshire digital marketing company is celebrating Digital Marketing Assistant Harry Roberts successfully completing his apprenticeship.

Ascendancy Internet Marketing, based in Newport, has long believed in ‘growing their own’ local talent, and have successfully used apprenticeships before as a way of training up young people for careers in web development and digital marketing.

Alongside his studies in Birmingham – with apprenticeship provider Digital Native – Harry has been working as an integral part of the Ascendancy digital marketing team for about 18 months, freeing up the Account Managers’ time by taking on many of the routine tasks.

Harry Roberts:

“The ability to learn something and then put it into practice in a real-world environment is something I feel is beneficial to the education process. It also has the additional bonus of being able to earn an income whilst studying.”

Ascendancy founder Helen Culshaw said:

“Huge congratulations to Harry on completing his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. It’s not been easy completing an apprenticeship during a pandemic, with interruptions to classroom learning and so on, but Harry has overcome these difficulties and we are delighted that he has successfully completed the programme.”

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