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“Ascendancy have been incredibly adaptable in meeting the needs of our huge website. They are experts in using the right technology, and on top of this they have been easy to deal with and great value for money.”

Steve Baxter, Divisional Head of Marketing

Portfolio Type: Responsive WordPress Rebuild

IPU Group

Visit website: https://www.ipu.co.uk/

The Client

IPU Group design and manufacture high quality engine starting, engine control, fuel polishing systems and oil conditioning products for critical diesel and gas engine applications.


The Brief

IPU already had a large and complex website but wanted to convert the site to the WordPress content management system. It was important that the new website should be responsive, so that it would work well across mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop computers.

The previous version of the website consisted of several hundred pages, with each of the seven divisions having a different colour scheme, and a substantial number of different templates. This all needed to be replicated within WordPress, but with a number of changes requested by the client.

The Approach

During the first stage of this project, we analysed the client’s Google Analytics data to identify which parts of the current website and its home page were being used by visitors. By identifying a number of elements that were under-used, we were able to slightly simplify some elements of the site design – the purpose of this being to help the key messages of the website stand out more clearly.

We also spent considerable time documenting the previous version of the website to ensure that we carried across all the content correctly – and copied across the title tags from the existing site, which had been optimised for search engines. To ensure a smooth changeover from the new site to the old, we also put in place hundreds of 301 redirects, carrying across the search engine ‘value’ of the old pages to the new.

We simplified the Analytics tracking used on the website, while allowing the client to continue to segment their traffic by division – important for internal reporting.

The Results

The new website continues to perform well in search engines, with a smooth transition from the old site to the new. The internal marketing team are happy that they have a website that they can continue to grow and develop over time.

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