Jigsaw Marquees

Jigsaw Marquees

“We made a start on a simple Google Ads campaign but soon realised that we were out of our depth and needed some help. After an initial meeting with Ascendancy it became clear that they were an ideal fit for our business with an understanding and sensible approach to a marketing strategy. We get numerous calls from other companies promising to change our life but I’m always suspicious of the hard-sell tactic.

The Ascendancy team have provided continuous monthly improvements to our Google Ads campaigns, increasing traffic, leads and business whilst maintaining a close watch on campaign costs. We receive a very comprehensive monthly report with all of the data analysis we need and can spend the rest of our time concentrating on the business. We signed a long-term agreement with them earlier this year which is a reflection of our trust in them and the relationship we have. I would recommend any business owner/director enlists Ascendancy’s specialist help in improving their digital marketing performance”

Alan Corfield

Portfolio Type: Manage and Develop Google Ads Campaign

The Company

Jigsaw Marquees was founded in Shrewsbury by Alan and Jackie Corfield, after their experience of hosting their own parties. Now with an additional operating centre in Bournemouth, they specialise in small events and functions for anything from 20 to 150 people – this includes parties, weddings and corporate events. With a plethora of different marquees and inflatables, they also offer their customers a choice of complete packages to ensure they have every aspect of their event covered.


When we took over management of the Jigsaw Marquees Google Ads account, they were running a simple marquee hire campaign with a low daily budget, meaning that they were not bringing very much traffic to the website. Our brief was to manage and develop a more comprehensive campaign that would drive traffic to the Jigsaw Marquees website and bring a strong return on investment.


We began with keyword research to determine which keywords to run the Ads on, and monitored which words were bringing Jigsaw Marquees to the searcher’s attention.

We then focused on location targeting, so that the Ads would only be shown to people in, or who showed an interest in, the areas that each branch was able to cover. This meant that the campaign avoided Jigsaw Marquees paying for clicks from people who need a marquee outside of the areas they covered.

Additionally, we created Ads targeting different types of events, such as corporate, Christmas and weddings, as keyword research showed us that these were common phrases people search for alongside the word marquee. Other popular marquee related search phrases contained location, such as “marquee hire Wolverhampton”.


Since setting up the campaigns, we worked each month to refine the efficiency of the Ads. The ideal goal would be to show the Ads only to those who are guaranteed to click through, make an enquiry and then hire a marquee. As you can see from the graph below, the percentage of visitors clicking through on ads has been continually improving under our management:

Click through rate

As well as improving the click through rate over time, we have also been able to gradually increase the number of enquiries coming through from the campaign:

Enquiries from Google Ads

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