Signs Now

“Because Ascendancy keeps abreast of new developments in the industry they are able to keep bringing new ideas to the table. They’ve not got complacent and ‘jogged along’ even though this is a long-standing successful account. I really appreciate the kind of transparency we have with Ascendancy in terms of the numbers – like me, they are data-driven, and feed findings back into new campaigns to further improve results.”

Bill Dunphy, MD - Signs Now

Portfolio Type: Creating a strong online Google Ads presence to improve sales

The Company

Signs Now produce bespoke, design-led signage for businesses across the UK. They provide a national service, but their digital marketing campaigns need to be very much locally-driven because customers primarily search for a local provider. Signs Now have been a client of Ascendancy for several years; results continue to improve year-on-year, thanks to the productive working relationship we have built, and the introduction of new advertising technologies and best practices, as they become available.


Signs Now want to continue their strong business growth, which largely stems from their strong presence on Google search.

Through our regular meetings with Bill Dunphy, the company MD, we identify targets to work towards and put in place plans to meet those targets – advising on what budget to put into which advertising campaigns and when, as well as experimenting with different landing pages, campaign types and ad creative.


  • Development of a regional and local Google Ads strategy, targeting specific local areas with ads and putting together ads and landing pages that address those local markets.
  • Through our continual refinement of the Google Ads campaigns, over time we have broken the campaigns down more and more into more finely targeted ad groups with matching ads and landing pages.
  • Together with the Signs Now team we regularly review sales and enquiry data to further understand what is working and not working, within the campaigns.


In 2020, enquiries from Google Ads grew 71% when compared to 2019 – in spite of the pandemic – with an increase in spend of only 5%.

This is largely due to very significant ongoing improvements in conversion rate – conversion rate improved 156% year-on-year.

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