Streamline Surgical

Streamline Surgical

“Ascendancy’s unrivalled expertise in digital marketing for the healthcare sector has enabled us to transform our lead generation pipeline. Their culture of transparency, their superlative insight and their willingness to go ‘above and beyond’ what you might expect from an agency is an approach that really gets results. Finding such cutting-edge skills in an agency based in rural Shropshire has been a real revelation.

Clare Williams, Marketing Manager

Portfolio Type: Growing business with Google Ads

The Company

Streamline Surgical – – is a leading weight loss surgery business set up in 2006 by renowned specialist bariatric surgeons, Shaw Somers and Guy Slater. They are based at several locations in Central and Greater London, the South of England, Middlesex, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Kent, and Jersey.


The weight loss surgery industry is highly competitive, where costs per click can be over £5. The internal marketing team at Streamline had already tried Google Ads before but had been unable to make it profitable. However, with a new investor coming on board and some ambitious growth targets to meet, Streamline needed to find a reliable stream of new enquiries to help them move towards their targets.


Ascendancy quickly identified that there were three key issues with the previous Google Ads setup: targeting, conversion, and attribution. Using our proprietary ‘Growth Pathway’ framework, we put in place a whole new structure for the account, created custom landing pages designed to convert, and ensured that enquiries could be tracked and attributed accurately going forward. Using Google’s Smart Bidding technologies, and a landing page A/B testing platform, combined with our conversion rate optimisation and SEO skills, we have developed a whole new approach to lead generation for the client.


Right from implementation, our conversion rates were considerably stronger than either from organic search or from previous Google Ads campaigns. Off the back of the initial results, Streamline were able to considerably increase their investment in Google Ads and increase leads further. On an ongoing basis Ascendancy and Streamline are working together to split test ads and landing pages and use Google’s Smart Bidding technologies to improve results further.

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