The Antique Fireplace Company

The Antique Fireplace Company
Portfolio Type: Google Ads Campaign

The Company

The Antique Fireplace Company offers a vast and diverse range of fireplaces from all periods and styles, including Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. They focus on high quality restoration, and take pride in each piece as they restore every item back to its former glory with replacement parts that remain with the original’s style and period, for the most authentic fit.


The Antique Fireplace Company were already running their own Google Ads campaign, but wanted to find out whether a specialist agency could get better results, and make the campaign more effective. When Ascendancy took over, our first action was to work towards reducing the cost per click on the ads, with the aim of covering the cost of our management fee.


We started by restructuring The Antique Fireplace Company’s account to focus on improving the quality score of their keywords. We also set up shopping and remarketing campaigns, which meant they were advertising outside of the search network on Google, bringing in more clicks and visitors to the site. We then looked to improve ad relevance and landing page experience – making sure that visitors were landing in the most appropriate place on the website. Lastly, we helped The Antique Fireplace Company to reduce the number of wasted clicks that they were paying for – clicks where visitors were not strongly interested in their products.


Overall, we have reduced The Antique Fireplace Company’s cost per click by 27% – even more than our original target. This means that within their existing budget, they have been able to increase their clicks by 11%, and cover our own management fee without any additional cost overall to the business. This means they can focus on doing their job, without having to worry about looking after their own Google Ads campaigns.

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