Visas & Permits

Visas & Permits

The Client

Visas and Permits are immigration specialists, helping people make their dreams a reality by assisting with immigration to countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK. With offices in London, India and Saudi Arabia, V&P are a global brand who continue to grow year on year.


The Brief

Visas and Permits had a website with a 92% bounce rate that people did not believe in. It lacked a trustworthy feel and deterred many applicants from applying. Visas and Permits wanted us to start from the ground up and build a beautiful, informative and responsive website that could be updated easily and maintained by V&P’s global staff. The site needed to be bespoke and they needed the design to show the company’s quality.

The Approach

We started by assessing the competition and evaluating exactly where V&P should sit in the marketplace. We then discussed how a typical V&P customer would interact with the site, and started to design a UX that we thought would make the site extremely intuitive and appealing to use. We created a few designs and sent them off for evaluation and testing. A clear favourite was determined, and we developed the design until we felt it was as strong as it could be. Our team of web developers then coded the site to the highest standards, ensuring cross browser compatibility and responsive functionality.

“My company hired Ascendancy to redesign our tired looking website. They were very approachable and made the daunting task a whole lot easier for me. What I like about Ascendancy is that they are very honest – if your website doesn’t need all these fancy add-ons etc., they will simply tell you, and not try to up-sell their services – they put the customer relationship first.”

Stacy Fletcher, MD

The Results

Almost immediately, we saw their bounce rate drop from 90% down to 40%. Month on month, the website’s traffic has gradually increased, and has almost doubled since launch.

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