Private Healthcare Google Ads E-Book

Everyone has ‘that competitor’. The one who always seems to be a step ahead of you in their marketing, even though your service is better and you KNOW you should be ahead of them.

Every time you Google them, they’re there – and increasingly, being at the top of Google’s search results means investing in Google Ads. Sometimes you can’t even see the organic (free) results without scrolling some way down the page.

Maybe you’ve tried Google Ads and found it wasn’t particularly profitable for you – with click costs going up and up and not enough good quality enquiries to justify it.

And yet your competitor is still there, with a paid advertisement showing up for every search phrase you Google. So either they’ve got incredibly deep pockets and don’t care about getting a good return on investment from their advertising, or they’re doing something smart.

In this eBook we will run through the 51-and-a-half most common mistakes (or missed opportunities) that may be making your competitors’ campaigns more profitable than yours.

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